Donnalee Dunne . . . . Artist

Georgia Comes to California

There's a drought . . . that's OK. She paints deserts.

Gallery 25, Fresno California
October 2014





Georgia O’Keeffe has long been an influence on me - not only her art, but her life and how she lived it.

I often played with the idea of her coming further west and painting the landscape of our valley’s west side.
So I decided to quit thinking about it and do it.

What would she paint?
 The hillsides of course. Jimson Weed flowers, the California Poppy and Sunflowers, of course.
Then I looked closely at the weeds we all step on and fuss about in our personal landscapes and marveled at the beauty in them. You will find the Fiddleneck, Filaree, Milkweed and even puncture vine flowers in the bright colors and scale perhaps Georgia would have painted.

I had so much fun painting this exhibition, discovering the tiniest wild flowers and intricate seed pods. 



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