Donnalee Dunne . . . . Artist


The Good Earth

The series speaks to many things. . .

. . . the pristine countryside, agriculture and tilling the soil, water and irrigation, migration and immigration . . .

. . . the colors, the ribbon-like forms, the woven aspects . . . the series continues and more will be added on this page from time to time.

The Good Earth: 2 *

The Good Earth: 1*

The Good Earth: 3 *

The Good Earth: 4

The Good Earth: Green Valley

The Good Earth: River

The Good Earth - Moonlight

The Good Earth - 5

The Good Earth - Sunrise*

The Good Earth - Spring

The Good Earth - Harvest

The Good Earth Series was showcased at the New York Art Expo, 2008

Many in the series shown in the "We Came To Farm" exhibition 2016.

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