Donnalee Dunne . . . . Artist

Ode To Joy

Gallery 25, Fresno California
March 2010



Ode To Joy is a celebration: of laughter, of exhilaration, of beauty, of dreams and vision and imagination – all those things that make us human, and the essence within us that enables us to create.

In the mind’s eye the artist visualizes what the universe is, experiences a nebula or a quark, sees colors beyond the spectrum and puts substance to the wind.

Exhibition views

Ode To Joy

Synthesis 1

Synthesis 3

Synthesis 2

Elemental 2

Elemental 3

Elemental 4

Elemental 5

Elemental 1

Eminence 3

Eminence 2

Eminence 1

Sanctuary 2


Sanctuary 1


Citadel 1


Citadel 2


Vector 1

Sanctuary 3

Vector 2

Vector 3

Vector 4


Ode 1, 2, & 3

Vector 5


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